For several years we’ve investigated the possibility to build DLG wings with a solid core. As we started the detail development of the Polaris we still wasn’t sure we would succeed. Together with some good suppliers and some advanced engineering we’ve managed to not just fulfil but also exceed our expectations. The latest development of fabrics has also helped us pushing some limits. This work will now be in favour for you as we can offer some new configurations.





Our standard lay-up is based on 52 gsm carbon . The fabric has proven to be a good trade-off between strength, durability and surface finish. We have been able to optimize the lay-up i.e putting reinforcements where they’re needed and removed weight from the wing tips. Ready to fly weight will end up at 275g. A good allrounder which can be ballasted up to +400g if using tungsten or 350g with lead.


We can now also offer a light version for those calm days or for not that strong throwers. This lay-up is a multi layer UD carbon (IMS65 rowing). Ready to fly at 245g, with a full carbon wing.
Due to the nature of this “fabric” the surface will look a little bit dull but we can guarantee that it’s not affecting the performance negatively.


- On special request we can deliver high gloss finish, unfortunately with some small weight increase.

- We can now also offer in moulded 9mm servos with plastic gearbox.

We’ve created these configurations to what we feel is needed for any pilot. However if you have any doubt’s this is the right choice for You don’t hesitate to contact MMT for support. We have used most of the available fabrics and can offer almost anything on special request.