Arctus is based on our well proven Polaris. It's a "one plane" design that can stretch your flight distances while maintaining low sink rate and good low speed handling.

As most new DLG's it hosts a fully CNC'd rohacell core and as introduced on the Polaris in-moulded aileron facing. This way of moulding wings has proven to be world class and is now carried through to the Arctus. The in-moulded facing gives a very stiff aileron why we can allow the hinge line to be lower and the ailerons to be wider.

The completely new wing and airfoils has a thickness of 7,2% at the root to host 9mm wing servos. The thickness is dropped quickly to 6,1% ending at 5,1% at the tip.

The fuselage design is minimized around batteries and receiver. Ballast box is still in-moulded underneath the wing as for the Polaris. It can take 65g of lead or 120g tungsten.

The pod for the horizontal is lowered for a stiffer assembly and for minimized drag. The vertical slot is improved for easier alignment and a stronger joint.


The fuselage is 95% carbon with a small portion of fibreglass in the nose to allow 2.4GHz antennas on the inside.


3 plan view